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Stairway Calculator (patent pending)

1. Enter Your Total Rise: inches
2. Enter Your Run: inches (Run is Stair Tread Width minus Nose width.)
Number of Risers: 4. Adjust or
Number of Runs: The number of stair brackets to purchase.
Rise: inches
Total Run inches
Slope: degrees
Stringer Length: inches
  feet (suggested stringer purchase length)


Step 1: In the above form, enter your total rise (see above diagram) in inches, using a decimal number only. See below for a table to convert fractions to decimal numbers.
Step 2: Enter your run in inches, using a decimal number only.
Step 3: Click the Calculate button to see suggested values for the remaining dimensions. The number of runs is the number of USB brackets to purchase. The initial calculation shows the values assuming that your rise will be below 7.5 inches.
Step 4: Click the Less Steep or More Steep button to adjust the number of risers to see in the alternative measurements that will also work for your project. Click the Calculate button at any time to restore the initial values.

See more information about building codes to ensure that your planned measurements meet state and local regulations.

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

Fraction Decimal            Fraction Decimal
1/16 0.063   9/16 0.563
1/8 0.125   5/8 0.625
3/16 0.188   11/16 0.688
1/4 0.250   3/4 0.750
5/16 0.313   13/16 0.813
3/8 0.375   7/8 0.875
7/16 0.438   15/16 0.938
1/2 0.500      

The Universal Stair Bracket

Stairway Calculator

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